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Allowance Magic
Turn Your Kids Into Money Wizards

By David McCurrach
The lastest book from David McCurrach describes a simple program parents can use to help their kids develop the skills and habits they need to lead financially-secure lives. Includes a Journal for kids to use to chart their financial future.

For more information, visit the Allowance Magic website.

Kids' Allowances
How Much, How Often & How Come, A Guide For Parents
(Includes Allowance Workbook)

By David McCurrach
Editor, Kids' Money
The first book from David McCurrach and the definitive guide for parents on using allowances to teach thier kids to manage money and develop the habits of saving and sharing.

The Allowance Workbook
For Kids And Their Parents

By David McCurrach

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Titles under development:

The Ultimate Kids' Guide to Making Money
For Kids, by Kids

See how thousands of other kids have answered
the eternal question "How can I make $50, fast?"

The Ultimate Kids' Guide to Baby-Sitting
For Kids, by Kids

Tips from thousands of kids covering everything
from how to get baby-sitting jobs, to how much to
charge and to how to get asked back.

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